Science Fair

Hello everyone,

  1. Thank you everyone who judged science fairs this week!
  2. Our last local Science Fair is Mapleton next Wednesday, 3/3/10 at 6pm. (i have listed the names below of the ones who have signed up already for Mapleton)
  • If you attend the Geology Club meeting at 5:15 we will be leaving from there.

If you have missed the 2/20/10 deadline for turning in Mohican District Science Fair cards and you would still like to judge, please see Eileen Raubenolt to see if you are still able to fill out a card.

Wendy Dria
Vice President of Geology Club

Mapleton Judges

  • Dr. Bergosh
  • Sam Kramer
  • Dr. Weidenhamer
  • Dr. Hudson
  • Gretchen Schuetz
  • Bryn Winters
  • Wendy Dria
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Martin Dria-maybe

Sibs and Kids Weekend!

Rachel Day did a wonderful job organizing all of the fun activities for Tri-beta Sibs and Kids day. Thanks to her and all of the volunteers (Wendy, Joe, and Pat) for their hard work and making it a fun filled and educational day! Here are some pictures of the activities that the kids enjoyed
Snail racesMake your own chia pet